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EAS security systems for retail loss prevention.

EAS security systems for retail loss prevention

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems play an important role in loss prevention as well as in reducing or fully eliminating the frequency of attempts at shoplifting.

Detection antennas are means of protecting articles from theft and as an electronic article surveillance device, they are suitable for alerting staff in shops in case customers intend to walk away with goods without paying for them.

Radiofrequency (RF) systems, the most widely used anti-theft technology owing to its competitive price, ensure protection from theft by applying radio frequency. The principle of the detection antenna is to create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout lanes by emitting radio frequency signals that every customer has to pass through. In the shops, various tags or labels are affixed on merchandise that are detected by the antenna. At the check-out counter, such tags or labels are removed or deactivated when the goods are paid for or checked out. If the tags or labels remain fixed on the articles and the customer tries to leave the store without payment, they will give a signal and the antenna will sound an alarm or flash a light. This way the RF system alerts the staff immediately when an attempted theft is identified and allows them to promptly act to prevent shop-lifting.

It is also important to note that radio frequency technology is very susceptible to external influence and interference, and it is most sensitive to the presence of metals, therefore it may not be used to protect merchandise containing metal, such as electronic appliances, machines, hand-tools, devices, etc. Such products generate a false alarm when passing through the antenna. Due to its characteristics as just described, the RF technology is used for loss prevention and to eliminate shop-lifting mostly in clothing stores, department stores, and supermarkets.

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