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Metalguard & Hyperguard.

Why is metal detection important in stores?

Although foiled-lined bags are widely used by professional shoplifters, most retailers and business owners are not aware of the problem, as these booster bags home-made by shoplifters do not leave a trace: neither cut-off tags or removed safety devices indicate the theft – only empty racks or shelves would give away what has happened.

Foiled-lined bags are also frequently used by organised shoplifter gangs that are used to allow shoplifters to walk undetected out of the store with the goods stolen.  It takes only seconds to fill up the booster bags, that are impossible to recognize only by looking at them, with expensive merchandise, which makes it impossible to detect the security devices.

The Metalguard metal detector antenna offers an excellent solution for preventing such type of theft where shoplifters can easily trick EAS type systems. Its benefit is that it detects all metal objects, however, the sensitivity of its various versions may be set to the unique requirements, thus small metal objects, such as watches or mobile phones, will not generate a false alarm. Door filters may also be used with the Metal Guard metal detector antenna that will not send an alarm when doors are moving, and the application of the Hyperguard device is effective in hypermarkets, as it does not detect trolleys either. The sensitivity of Metalguard and Hyperguard may be custom-made to the particular store and it may also be integrated into the RF system that allows proper flexibility in its application.

Installing the device close to entrances or escalators/stairs may also be an efficient solution in eliminating thefts, thus shoplifters arriving with foiled-lined bags – or clothes or baby carriages without babies in them – may also be prevented from entering. Experience shows that even the sight of MetalGuard and Hyperguard scares shoplifters away, which is highly advantageous to retailers.

Using a Metalguard metal detector may prevent sales personnel from having to confront the shoplifters, or professional shoplifter gangs, which sometimes may be quite risky.

The Metalguard products may offer an efficient solution for a number of retail units, while Hyperguard can be used highly efficiently in larger shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, DIY and electronic appliance stores that use shopping carts.

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