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Modern Library Solutions

Increase efficiency and offer outstanding services for your readers.

visitor count

Do you know how many visitors does your library have on a daily basis?

Check in and out

How much does it take for you to check in a book? We can do it in a second.


How well do you know your readers?

Cutting edge technology in libraries

We used our market-proven solutions: RFID paper labels are widely used tools in retail. The purpose of using such devices is two-fold: to secure a product and to recognize, thus registering it at the counter. During the interaction of registering the label with an RFID reader - by placing it near to the device - we are able to identify the book. Not only this process is immediate but efficient, too: we can register hundreds of books in seconds. No optical reader, such as a scanner, is needed.

"Checking in a book has never been easier - only takes half a second."
Simon P.
"We were surprised to discover that our readers spend most of their times near the philosophy section."
Margaret K.
Local book store owner
"Thanks to the heatmapping now we know where to put the best-selling books."
M. M.
Book store owner

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