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Apparelguard secures the fitting rooms.

Illegal detachers and magnets in fitting rooms – we have the solution

In apparel stores merchandise gets stolen the most frequently in fitting rooms. Shoplifters often take a magnet with them to use it to neutralise or remove the safety devices or tags mounted to clothing articles that would normally be detected by the electronic article surveillance systems installed at the exit of shops and trigger an alarm. The removed tags are either left behind in the fitting rooms or mounted to other fashion items.

Apparelguard may serve as an excellent device to prevent such type of theft. Apparelguard, a small black antenna detecting any change in the magnetic field, may be installed in the fitting rooms of fashion stores, mounted to the wall. The antenna detects the magnets at the entrance of the fitting rooms before the shoplifters can use them. As a result, shoplifters do not even get into the fitting rooms, as the alert generated will alarm the staff who can take immediate action.

The application of Apparelguard will scare shoplifters away, who will avoid these stores and therefore the sales personnel will not have to confront professional shoplifters or organised shoplifter gangs, which is not without risk.

This unique solution is a magnetic detection technology that may protect as many as 10 fitting rooms by immediately detecting any illegally obtained magnetic device that is carried in and suitable for the removal or neutralisation of the security tag. The alarm will be triggered when the shoplifter tries to remove the tag, therefore the security staff may react to the attempted theft without any delay.

Owing to the various settings of the antenna, false alarms may be avoided when bags, shoes, etc. are detected.

The application of the effective Apparelguard device may significantly reduce the number of thefts in fashion stores and clothing shops.

After many years of experience we know that it is much much bigger than most retailers think. We have partnered up with the industry leader company, Alertsystems, to deliver world-class solutions to our customers. Watch the video below about Apparelguard.

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