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What is a booster bag?.

Booster bagging – new era of organised crime with tinfoil lined tools

Today shoplifting with tinfoil lined shopping-bags has no doubt become the single most costly kind of shoplifting – now known under the name Booster Bagging. But the bag is no longer an ordinary shopping bag. Experienced shoplifters nowadays rarely use paper bags for this purpose. The new trend is chaotic: every household item that is able to carry a product can be used as a booster bag – handbags, backpacks, pocket, or even a simple jacket carried in hand.

Such a shoplifting tool can be made in minutes and traditional loss prevention systems, such as AM or RF-based antennas are useless to fight this type of crime. When a shoplifter enters a store it only takes seconds to pack the goods into the tinfoil-lined container, and the crime is committed. Most booster-bags are so well made that they have to be cut up or passed through a metal detector in order to verify the presence of tinfoil.


Even the smartest bags from houses such as Prada and Louis Vuitton can be shielded nicely with tinfoil under the original lining so that the tinfoil is completely hidden.

When shoplifters cut off a security tag or open it with an illegal detacher the tag will be found somewhere in the shop. When a booster-bagger stuffs 10 expensive shirts or DVDs into their bag no traces are left – only empty hangers or shelves!

Therefore it is very difficult to know how big the problem really is.

After many years of experience we know that it is much much bigger than most retailers think. We have partnered up with the industry leader company, Alertsystems, to deliver world-class solutions to our customers. We offer two kinds of antennas to solve the new type of shoplifting: Metalguard and Hyperguard. The only difference is that Hyperguard comes with a built-in trolley filter, making it the best choice for hypermarkets and supermarkets.

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