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Deactivator with Interlock.

Project Description

Shopguard’s 8.2MHz paper label deactivator is an instrument used to turn off (deactivate) the adhesive paper labels at the point of sale so that a customer’s item or items may leave the store without being detected by the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
System located at the store’s exit.


Technical parameters

  • PSU: ~18V/700mA
  • Frequency: 8.2MHz +-10%
  • Output voltage: max ~1500V
  • Up to 2 connected deactivation pads / loops

Synchronization options:

  • syncronization over RF
  • RF syncronization over cable
  • LF syncronization
  • power cable syncronization


  • free running
  • switched mode (external foot controller and/or interlock – for self checkouts)
  • test mode
  • deactivation only mode
  • tag sensing mode

Integrated beeper with adjustable level

Recommended tool: Active Tag

  • Indicates if the deactivator is on or off
  • Measures the deactivation field, distance
  • Indicates when the unit kills the label

 Download product sheet in PDF format here

[embeddoc url=”http://shopguard.hu/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/SG-Technical-Data-Sheet-Deactivator-with-Interlock.pdf” viewer=”google”]

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