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Retail App.

Demo app for phones and tablets

Project Description

The Display application is an on-device media and content management solution that allows retailers to push promotional, pricing, technical and marketing information to the live device on retail displays, allowing the device to draw attention with enticing imagery.
Content can even be set to appear on display monitors throughout the store.

It also ensures smooth consumer experience.


By blocking certain apps, ignoring some user requests, such as unwanted search keywords; or making the Settings menu unreachable.
Forget the screen passwords and inappropriate background images that distract users’ attention.
The app is also able to block incoming and outgoing emergency calls to avoid unpleasant meetings in your store.

Enjoy the device without risk!

Key Features

  • Continuous and synchronized media playing slideshow or video (fullHD available).
  • Demo mode to display  specifications, accessories and price.
  • Disabling Settings menu.
  • Block incoming outgoing calls.
  • Block websites and keywords.
  • Whitelist for keywords and websites.
  • Block applications.
  • Automatic gallery cleaning.
  • Remote battery/screen light management.
  • Full Remote Management 24/7 via Display webapp.

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