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Drinkspector 2.

One handed use

Project Description

DRINKSPECTOR™:  Award winning protection for traditional hight theft bottled drinks. Innovative, eyecatching and almost impossible to remove.

Drinkspector™ provides unparalleled protection to all bottles that are located in a self-service environment. Using it in combination with your existing EAS system (Rfor Am), the Drinkspector™ cap provides exceptional protection from theft and in store opening.

Drinkspector™ is 100% tamper-proof and cannot be removed by force after installation. Utilising a flexible one piece design and through the use of the optional bottle cap (in two available size) you can completely prevent the opening of all bottles in store.

Drinkspector™ is a deceivingly simple solution to what is often viewed as complex and expensive retail problem. Installation takes but a second and requires only one hand; reduction in theft rates is immediate, delivering an instant improvement in the bottom line. Dependent upon theft rates ROI can be achieved in as little as 3 months making the Drinkspector™ one of the best valued retail theft prevention devices available today.

Key features

  • Simple ONE piece design providing for maximum security and display flexibility.
  • Tamper proof.
  • Repels pull force attacks of up to 100kg.
  • Market leading 5 year warranty on locking mechanism.
  • Compatible with your existing RF or AM security system.



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Extended distance between antennas

Simple ONE piece design providing for maximum security and display flexibility

Repels pull force attacks up to 100kg
warranty on locking mechanism 5 years
System compatibility AF or RF
Tamper proof yes

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