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Smart Recoiler.

Best in class recoiler mechanism

Project Description

World’s first fully integrated sensor with countertop recoiler for phones and tablets.


The all new recoiler mechanism is designed to withstand the everydays. We deliver the highest quality countertop solution that integrates Shopguard’s essential inventions: screaming sensor with illumination, unique and universal secured charging leads, media ready option packaged in a compact recoiler product, strengthened with aircraft cable.

Sensor features:

  • Adaptive power amplifier integrated in sensor head: 5.2V/2A charging capability.
  • Integrated iReader for alarm handling.
  • LED illuminated sensor and cradle.
  • Tamper switch for enhanced security.
  • Secured cable socket with interchangeable unique charging heads:
    Micro USB, USB C, Lightning
  • 95dB Sound Level (screaming sensor).
  • Optional CLAW mount for extra mechanical security

Main cradle features:

  • Fully integrated stand-alone countertop solution.
  • Best in class recoiler mechanism:
    Long lifespan, easy maintenance.
  • Cut-resistant high-security steel mesh cable
    (Often Referred to as Aircraft Wire)
  • Security lock-down using Shopguard’s unique key.
  • Reversible neck allows for angled or flat positioning:
    Simply click and twist


Best in class recoiler mechanism




Download the product sheet in PDF format here

[embeddoc url=”http://shopguard.hu/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/SG-Product-Sheet-Smart-Recoiler-1.pdf” viewer=”google”]


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