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Security tag designed for bottled liquids

Project Description

Drinkspector™ protects branded quality drinks placed on the shelf in a self-service environment. Using it in combination with an electronic tagging system (RF, AM), it properly protects valuable bottles from theft and opening.

Drinkspector is tamper-proof and cannot be removed by force after its installation. With the help of an optional bottle cap, you can prevent access to the contents of the bottle. Drinkspector is capable of protecting almost any kind of bottle. It resists peeling and straining, and its measurements show that it can easily bear a load of 100 kgs.
Drinkspector™ is a complex and reassuring solution to protect beverages exposed to theft. Install this state of the art loss prevention solution in your own shop now.

  • The safest and most universal bottle tag on the market, it provides a rapid return on investment, and it guarantees safe merchandising.
  • The safest protection against obtrusive opening and theft.
  • It is easy to install, and its removal does not slow down payment processes at the counter.
  • It is tamper-proof.
  • It does not take up extra space on the shelf.
  • It has an aesthetic, ergonomic design.
  • It has a wide application: It is a nearly universal solution that works better and easier than any other competitor.

Drinkspector - EAS


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