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Project Description


basic metaldetection to get rid of booster bagging

what is booster bagging?

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what is
booster bagging?

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Metalguard is designed to detect boosterbags and it includes a doorfilter to avoid false alarms from moving
doors at entrances. The system is connected to a control box, which is capable of powering-up a maximum of 11 units.


There are 3 sizes:

• 12 cm antenna

• 18 cm antenna

• 24 cm antenna


Metalguard VS Hyperguard

Metalguard is metaldetection-only, while Hyperguard comes with trolley filter making it the best choice for super and hypermarkets.

Get to know Hyperguard

Key features


Basic detection

Metal detection

Door filter algorithm

Adjustable sensitivity

Small controller box

Multiple unit power-up

Get to know more our Metalguard by downloading the catalog or brochure below.

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