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Project Description



Where price and compatibility matters, our new Smart Base family plays big. Being universal, this innovative new solution makes two things possible: powering and securing a long list of devices and charging them using OEM chargers and cables.


Smart Base cover image secured products



5V Devices: Phones, tablets, cameras, headphones, music players, GPS navigation devices, or even speakers can be powered, secured and charged at the same time.

If you want, the optional Shopguard 5.2V PSU will also provide enough power to run these devices continuously in energy demanding demo mode.




By using Smart Base, the store can keep maintenance and investment costs low. This is truly a smart and universal solution that can be installed in seconds and used with various accessories.


smart base_photo-13_small



With various accessories, such as camera holder, phone and tablet holder, or smartwatch stand there are no electronic device in your store that cannot be secured and powered up.



Secure everything

Charge and connect everything

Due to different OEM accessory quality standards, test operation is advised.
Use Shopguard charging adapter for guaranteed security and constant 5,2V charging in case of Demo mode (Retail App).

Product Features

  • True Out-of-the-Box Solution with the option of using OEM chargers
  • Charging Lead with Alarm Feature
  • Disconnecting the Charging Cable Activates Alarm
  • Optional holders for various products: camera, phone and tablet, smartwatch holders
  • SB Clip: Secures and Holds the Charging Lead
  • Optional Wedge: Ideal for Angled Positioning
Smart Base on wedge

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Charging Capability 5.2V
Charging Lead Options See above
Height (without wedge) 30mm / 1.18in
Diameter (without wedge) 43mm / 1.69in
Height on wedge 68mm / 2.67in
Length on wedge 78mm / 3in
Wedge Mounting Screw type 2 pcs of Threaded rod
Wedge Mounting Screw distance 36mm / 1.42in

[embeddoc url=”http://shopguard.hu/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/SG-Product-Sheet-Smart-Base.pdf” viewer=”google”]


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