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Zento Large 170 RF.

Project Description

Zento is one of the most popular security gates offered by Shopguard.
The extruded aluminum columns and the promotional features create a fresh and modern look. The antenna is robust and mechanically resistant. Zento is used in a very wide field of the retail sector and is particularly popular in the food industry.
Printed ads can easily be inserted into the Media Panel on the antenna without having to remove the top piece.

Key features

  • Strong and robust antenna.
  • Shopguard E-Key port.
  • Advertising insert on both sides included.
  • Excellent detection for flat paper labels.
  • External service by service cable connecting the antenna.
  • Additional features can be provided
Zento Large 170

Stand-alone, Mono Antenna (TRX) Fully Shielded with Alternating Field Technology (Wechselfeldsystem)
Material: extruded aluminum with illuminated perspex top and white inlays
Shield: Painted iron
Height: 1,728 m
Width: 0,530 m
Breadth: 0,08 m
Weight: 16 kg + shield
Mains voltage: 220-240 VAC @ 50 Hz (EU)


[embeddoc url=”http://shopguard.hu/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/SG-Technical-Data-Sheet-Zento-Media-Large-170-shielded.pdf” viewer=”google”]

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